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Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Dandelion: Once a foster child, always a foster child.

by America DeFleur

The echo of the spinning tire beneath her car seemed to ring louder than the music she attempted to drown her thoughts in. Watching the world pass by in a haze, America sped down the freeway and out of the city while flashbacks of her long-forgotten childhood consumed her. Her parents failed her, the foster care system failed her, social workers, probation officers, teachers and everyone who was supposed to protect her, tossed her aside. Now, years after emancipating and finding her husband in another woman's arms, America ran from her past yet again. Feeling weak and defeated, she sped into the distance leaving everyone, and everything she's ever known behind. Realizing that she was exactly what everyone always told her she would become - a statistic, her world shatters. Alone and sufferi...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Memoirs, Specific Groups, Parenting & Relationships, Adoption, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 118 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Cicada Spring: A Novel

by Christian Galacar

On a warm May evening in the spring of 1979, the people of Heartsridge, Massachusetts, are living the American dream. Families are gathered for barbecues. Kids are playing in front yards. Gardens are being kept. Meanwhile, Kara Price stumbles home through the woods, raped and beaten, her life shattered by a wicked act of violence, perpetrated by one of the town’s most beloved and public figures.

Surrounding Kara is a cast of compelling and nefarious characters—a violent-tempered mayor who can do no wrong in the eyes of the town, a sheriff bound by the rules and plagued by a guilty conscience, a father bent on revenge, a serial killer in the midst of an identity crisis. And at the center of it all there's Kara, who just wants to move on with her life and forget everythin...

Genre: Arts & Photography, Individual Artists, Biographies & Memoirs, Memoirs, Professionals & Academics, Business & Investing, Industries & Professions, Personal Finance, Children's eBooks, Computers & Technology, History, Literature & Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, Mysteries & Detectives, Geography & Cultures, Biographies, Holidays & Celebrations, Sports & Outdoors, Manga, Databases, Microsoft, Software, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Cooking by Ingredient, Culinary Arts & Techniques, Drinks & Beverages, Meals, Special Occasions, Humor & Enter
Size: 368 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.00 / 5
4 reviews

Strangely, Incredibly Good (Strangely, Incredibly Good Series Book 1)

by Heather Grace Stewart

"Outstandingly funny!" "You won't want to put it down!" "Unforgettable."
On the day Cat Glamour decides to start an exercise routine, the last thing she expects is a modern-day Genie to pop out of her Wii machine. Unfortunately for Cat, her Genie is somewhat unreliable in his wish-granting capabilities. In a series of hilarious misadventures, he sends Cat to a castle in France and back in time 20 years in an attempt to solve both Cat's weight issues and emotional stresses. Cat's journey is one filled with quirky adventures, realistic love, and above all, self-discovery....

Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Relationships, Sex, Literature & Fiction, Humor & Satire, Contemporary Fiction, Genre Fiction, Nonfiction, Parenting & Relationships, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Sexuality, Time Travel, Humor, Romantic Comedy, General Humor, Satire
Size: 153 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Mothers: Their Power and Influence

by Ann Dally

A unique bondDr Ann Dally, a practising psychiatrist, provides an in-depth perspective on mothers, based on her experience observing mothers at a personal level. Her perspective is intended to provide mothers, and new mothers, with a deeper understanding of the forces that may at times seem irrational. She explores the three stages of motherhood: enclosure, extension and separation and stresses that it is important to understand these stages to be able to identify certain behavioural patterns. Although there are a variety of other factors, understanding the mother-child relationship does play a significant role.Included throughout the book are true accounts of Dr Ann Dally’s encounters with mothers and children, as well as excerpts from well-known works from D.H. Lawrence and Philip Rot...

Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting, Mental Health, Psychology & Counseling, Nonfiction, Parenting & Relationships, Family Relationships
Size: 236 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

My Feelings DO Matter!: A journey of a mother, battling with her own emotions, as her suicidal teenage daughter is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.


Michaela thought having children would be the easiest job in the world; that is until her eldest daughter tried to commit suicide, and at the age of seventeen, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.Michaela struggles with conflicting emotions each day, and ever since the doctor told her “It's not about how you're feeling,” on the night her daughter nearly died from a drug overdose, she feels like she is expected to hide her emotions and suffer alone in silence.Looking back through the past seventeen years of parenthood, Michaela looks at certain events that have changed the course of her life in search for answers as to why her child is struggling so deeply, and how as a mother, she completely missed any signs that her child would try and take her own life.She then gives a candi...

Genre: Nonfiction, Parenting & Relationships, Special Needs
Size: 110 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

HIDDEN IN HIS STRENGTH: Memoirs of a sexual abuse survivor

by IfeOluwa Iyaniwura


Genre: Parenting & Relationships, Family Relationships
Size: 127 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 


by Written Anonymously

Recovering from a toxic relationship through poetry and prose. Raw and relatable, the writer holds nothing back....

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Poetry, Parenting & Relationships, Family Relationships, Love Poems
Size: 120 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The History of Low Dutch Slavery from New Netherland Through Kentucky And Beyond

by Judith Smith Cassidy

The History of Low Dutch Slavery, Owners and Slaves and their descendants from New Netherland through their migration to Kentucky and Beyond including their descendants...

Genre: History, Parenting & Relationships
Size: 483 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Anger Management Workbook For Teens

by Control Anger

A book for teens to plan effective anger management for any situation a teen may come across. This will allow teens to take clear action in reducing the anger in their lives by preparing themselves to identify what causes their anger and which specific techniques can manage it....

Genre: Children's eBooks, Nonfiction, Parenting & Relationships, Special Needs, Children's Nonfiction, Growing Up & Facts of Life
Size: 154 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 28 October 2020 onward PDT/PST 

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