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Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Still Standing: A soldier's journey through PTSD

by S. Foster

This is essentially the story of my life. The invisible wounds that haunt us. I hope that this book is an inspiration to those who read it. In writing this book I have been told is extremely therapeutic although to be honest I am just now starting the task at hand. I live my life daily in mental and physical pain, but I consider myself fortunate to have traveled the journey. There are others that are far worse off than me and others better off than me that is just the way it is. All of them however are the bravest and most selfless people you will ever meet. This book isn’t proof read it is from the heart, It is raw, a former soldier telling his story in the hopes to inspire others. I have left my name and everyone except my wife’s name out to honor their privacy. There will be grammar...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Historical, Professionals & Academics, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Mental Health, Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help, Motivational, History, Military, Nonfiction, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 64 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Perfect Times: Memoirs

by Jason R. Hemmings

Perfect Times - Special Edition

Prepare to set sail on adventures around the world.

This special edition offers you the chance to share some of the greatest moments, days and times in my life. From The Orient, Far East, Indian Ocean, Europe, Caribbean, The Bahamas and the USA, the stories fly across the globe. With city life, countryside, desert scenery or stunning coastlines, there is a place and a time for everyone to enjoy.

Now, in my mid 40s, I have been travelling the world for over 16 years. It has been wonderful. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to do this in my life. I have met interesting people and visited the most diverse scenery. I have a carousel of memories from places and moments enjoyed.

Life should be something ...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Memoirs, Specific Groups, Nonfiction, Travel, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 90 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Emphatic (Soul Serenade Book 1)

by Kaylee Ryan

There comes a point in your life where you have to say enough is enough.

I wasted my college years on a guy who played with my head, played with my heart. I was blinded by the fairytale, the one that didn’t exist.

The day I gave up on the idea of happily ever after, my focus became me. Moving forward and establishing my career.

Until one day…

I didn’t expect him. My new boss, a six foot two, inked rock god. I believed I was working for the record label, I was wrong.

It’s impossible for me to keep my distance, believe me I’ve tried. He’s not who I expected him to be. He’s so much more he’s…Emphatic

18 and over audience...

Genre: Arts & Photography, Individual Artists, Fashion, Biographies & Memoirs, Memoirs, Professionals & Academics, Business & Investing, Industries & Professions, Personal Finance, Children's eBooks, Arts, Music & Photography, Computers & Technology, History, Literature & Fiction, Mysteries & Detectives, Geography & Cultures, Biographies, Holidays & Celebrations, Sports & Outdoors, Comics & Graphic Novels, Manga, Microsoft, Software, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Drinks & Beverages, Meals, Quick & Easy, Special Occasions, Humor & Entertainment, Mov
Size: 259 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.00 / 5
4 reviews

Show me Yours

by Lawrence Windrush

Show me Yours is the comic autobiography of a mischievous schoolboy growing up in Witney in the 1970s. It relates how a normal boy crossed over onto the dark side and joined a secret society intent on bringing chaos and destruction to his Primary school.

Be amazed by his fellow co-conspirators' exploits and the strange appearance of mysterious cocks on a blackboard, learn how a brother can survive buried under snow, witness the pitched battle inside a cinema with only Smarties for weapons, and find out what it feels like to be sandwiched between two female hitchhikers. Discover what dastardly deed led to their comeuppance and ultimate downfall.

Told in a series of short comedic vignettes, these crazy escapades feature a supporting cast of madcap parents, girlfrien...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Memoirs, Specific Groups, Children's eBooks, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Relationships, Nonfiction, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 112 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 3.00 / 5
3 reviews

City D.J.

by Iris Cooke

Oscar was a very boring teen until he discovered the art of being a D.J. He started out small with his friends at school, then worked his way up to the Palladium in London. Along the way, he has a family and tragedy, but overcomes in the end, to, 'be somebody'....

Genre: Arts & Photography, Biographies & Memoirs, Arts & Literature, Specific Groups, Music, Nonfiction, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 129 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

THE RED HIBISCUS: Story untold

by Lucy C

Create life celebrate life. The things we create by ourselves are more connected efficient and apt to us rather than the things that just come to us. There are people who just move on with the flow of destiny and some exclusive people who carve their lives to the extent of success. Some believe destiny is in our hands. As we wish is our life. Success stories stand as an inspiration whereas failure stories bring tension for some and teach people some lessons. In this book its mention which option is correct and why. Its story of a mother in daughters words. Mothers ambition and daughters dream which brings success....

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 18 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Arkansas Exiled Pioneers Of Color: The Untold American History Of My Free Black Ancestors

by Stringer Jr., D. M.

This is a glimpse into my families history. A history of American Amalgamation, its racial classifications, and my families heritage. "My grandma said she was Cherokee Indian!". This is what I uncovered in search of my Cherokee Ancestor.What is a Mullato? Who is an Indian? These questions were the beginning of my sojourn through my ancestors Early American History.Following the trail of westward expansion I found my ancestors as Free People of Color. This Journey showed me their life and times, struggles, and resilience. Moreover it taught me how it took the culmination of United States history to forge a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Me. Am I to be classifed as Melungeon? Mullato? African American? Cherokee? Caucasian? Or neither? This began as a quest to find my cherokee ancestor. It...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Ethnic & National, History, Americas, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 27 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

Your Hair Looks Like Crap!: How to look expensive in a cheap world

by Hudson Taylor

Hairs The Truth.A lot of celebrities these days look like extras on The Walking Dead. But there are some personalities who do look fabulous, and you know why? They have money. So what do you do if you're low on dough, but want to look hot and have your hair glow? You take some straight up advice from me. Unlike so-called 'celebrity hair books', I'll actually explain what really goes on at a hair salon. You'll find out what to do, and who to do. So you can look your best, and snuff out the rest....

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Gay & Lesbian, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Beauty & Fashion, Nonfiction, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 52 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews


by Miss Walker

In this book you will learn 1. how to stop obsessing over the person you like.2. that your problem is not as bad as some one else.3. Running away from the problem is not the answer.4. The only people that help you are your family.5. Jehovah will help you though your situation...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Leaders & Notable People, Memoirs, Nonfiction, Teen & Young Adult, Biography
Size: 20 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 08 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

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