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Rating: 4.60 / 5
5 reviews

His Christmas Promise: Holiday Luv

by Alicia Street

**USA Today Bestselling Author** A stray dog finds refuge with Justin, an ex-Army helicopter pilot, and helps restore his grandmother’s will to live. It seems like a Christmas miracle until the freewheeling bachelor war vet discovers the mutt belongs to stubbornly independent single mom, Ronni, a woman he’d met and cannot forget. Aside from being a therapy dog that Ronni takes into hospitals and nursing homes, the pooch is also the favorite pet of her eight-year-old daughter—and she wants him back. Justin fears his grandmother’s health will plummet if he gives the dog back. But Christmas has a way of turning things around, and Ronni and Justin are in for a holiday season filled with challenges, changes—and love....

Genre: Genre Fiction, Holidays, Romance
Size: 80 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.20 / 5
4 reviews

The Music of Us: WWII love story (Still Life with Memories Book 3)

by Uvi Poznansky

In 1970, Lenny can no longer deny that his wife is undergoing a profound change. Despite her relatively young age, her mind succumbs to forgetfulness. Now, he goes as far back as the moment he met Natasha during WWII, when he was a soldier and she—a star, brilliant yet illusive. Natasha was a riddle to him then, and to this day, with all the changes she has gone through, she still is.

“Digging into the past, mining its moments, trying to piece them together this way and that, dusting off each memory of Natasha, of how we were, the highs and lows of the music of us, to find out where the problem may have started?”

To their son, Ben, that may seem like an exercise in futility. For Lenny, it is a necessary process of discovery, one that is as tormenting as it i...

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Historical, Specific Groups, History, Americas, United States, Military, Literature & Fiction, Drama & Plays, British, Literary Fiction, Genre Fiction, World Literature, Nonfiction, Romance, Contemporary, Historical Romance, Holidays, Mystery & Suspense
Size: 224 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Single & Seeking: Complete Four-Book Boxed Set

by Desiree Douglas


Genre: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Religious & Inspirational Fiction, Romance, Christian, Family Life, Holidays, Inspirational, Romantic Comedy
Size: 413 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

The 'Winter Holidays Are the Bulgingest Season of Man' Series Anthology

by Gaylord Fancypants

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Joyous Kwanzaa from Gaylord Fancypants!The Meaning of Christmas Is That Manhood Is Meant to Be Manhandled With Care, With Flair and With a Blizzard of Unbridled Desire - Christmas is the holliest, jolliest, sexiest time of year! Martin's trip to the North Pole to seduce Santa goes terribly awry when Saint Nick gets kidnapped, and Martin has no choice but to take over! That means he gets to act as Santa while sharing some of his's most incredible adventures in holidaytime rough trade ever! He's always had a knack for servicing alpha males during the holidays, but can that continue now that he's the new Santa? Or is this it for Martin?!On Hanukkah, He Hungers for an Eight-Day Array of Manly Touches - 'Tis the season... for manlust! Martin is in for the Han...

Genre: Gay & Lesbian, Fiction, Genre Fiction, Holidays
Size: 188 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.50 / 5
5 reviews

Valentine: An On Dublin Street Novella

by Samantha Young

Joss & Braden. Ellie & Adam. Jo & Cam. Olivia & Nate. Hannah & Marco. Shanon & Cole. And one Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget.
It’s Valentine’s Day! How do Joss & Braden, Ellie & Adam, Jo & Cam, Olivia & Nate, Hannah & Marco and Shannon & Cole keep the fire burning in their relationships while trying to juggle busy careers and the joyful chaos of parenthood? Find out in VALENTINE, six sexy and emotional short stories, one for each couple in the On Dublin Street series so far, making up a short novella about one very special day.

VALENTINE: An On Dublin Street Novella is a special gift to fans of the series in thanks for supporting HERO, her first standalone contemporary romance.

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Holidays
Size: 88 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.10 / 5
4 reviews

ENVY Deceptive Desires #2 (Romantic Suspense) (ENVY: Deceptive Desires)

by Amarie Avant

He chose his family billions over their unborn child...Raven Shaw once loved a boy so deeply and so fiercely that their separation sent her already tenuous hold on peace spiraling. A rough life topped by heartbreak is hardly the best way to begin motherhood, but with a babe on the way and Liam out of the picture, Raven is determined to be the best mother she could. Liam Lemaître has a powerful family, and yet Raven once was his everything, and the only love he’d ever known. Deception drew them away from each other. Liam has realized that of all the material possessions he has—and he has lots—his assets honestly don’t add up to anything without Raven. Then suddenly, Raven stands before him, spitting fire and venom. And she has kept their child.Two dynamic souls were kept apart by f...

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, United States, African American, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Religious & Inspirational Fiction, Romance, Christian, Holidays, Multicultural & Interracial, Mystery & Suspense, Urban
Size: 246 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 5.00 / 5
5 reviews

The First Snowflake: A Christmas Story

by T. A. Cline

A Christmas story, about the faith of a child. And the love of a family in time of war. Christmas miracles do happen.It was Christmas Eve 1944, and the war was raging in the Pacific and in Europe. On a dairy farm, in upstate New York, a family was gathering to trim the Christmas tree as many families do. Maureen Miller sat on the sofa trying to smile and be festive, but it was hard, because she had lost her husband Jim three months ago. This would be the first Christmas without him. The youngest was ten-year-old, Andy, and he was so excited that he could not contain himself. Andy had a secret a big secret. All he had to do was catch the first snowflake of the season....

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Holidays
Size: 32 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.80 / 5
5 reviews

Christmas at Clove Cottage

by DeAnna Kinney

Dahlia Dawson is a spunky young woman with a zest for life, but an illness threatens her dreams of a bright future. With her bucket list in hand, she sets out to spend Christmas at one of several Christmas Cottages along the breathtaking Chestnut Lake.Expecting the brisk mountain air, hot cups of coffee, and a roaring fire to be her only company, Dahlia’s dreams of a Christmas escape do not include a grumpy, stiff neighbor who seems to hate life… and Christmas itself.Realizing her purpose for coming to Clove Cottage, Dahlia becomes determined, with the aid of a wise old caretaker and his crazy dog, to show the handsome Nixon Chambers the true meaning of a magical Christmas. ~Christmas comes only once year, but Christmas miracles can last a lifetime.~...

Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Genre Fiction, Holidays, Romance, Inspirational
Size: 84 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 4.70 / 5
5 reviews

Christmas on Maplewood Mountain: A Sweet Romance (Maplewood Sisters Book 1)

by Elizabeth Bromke

A high-tech exec. A small-town innkeeper. And one very pushy sister! Fans of Hallmark movies are sure to enjoy this series.It’s December, and Mary Delaney has little to show for her tenth year at Wood Smoke Lodge. Her business has been steadily dwindling. Her relationship prospects, too. Enter Mary's sister Anna, who has an idea that could change everything. But Anna demands that she gets to call all the shots, and that could spell trouble. Meanwhile, Kurt Cutler is living the high life in the tech world. Fresh on the heels of wild success with his own start-up, he looks for a way to ensure his young company doesn’t lose its grip. When his right-hand woman suggests a get-away at her sister’s snowy mountain retreat, he jumps on the opportunity to unplug and unwind.If Anna can back of...

Genre: Literature & Fiction, United States, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Religious & Inspirational Fiction, Romance, Genre Fiction, Family Life, Holidays, Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Sagas
Size: 180 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

The Christmas Cracker (Christmas On The Close Book 2)

by Stephanie Wood

A HEART-WARMING CHRISTMAS NOVELLA WITH EXTRA FESTIVE FUN…Tricia and Paul are looking forward to a happy Christmas on The Close where the neighbours have become friends.Paul has grown close to Tricia’s son and - from the outside - they seem like a content little family, but will Jacob ever treat him like a real dad?Why is the man who abandoned her seven years earlier now trying to worm his way back into Tricia’s life and will she be tempted to give their relationship a second chance?Another episode of ‘Christmas on The Close’ explores the challenge of making choices in the present when the past and the future are worlds apart....

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Romance, Holidays, Romantic Comedy
Size: 90 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 05 July 2020 onward PDT/PST 

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