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HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM BLOGGING 2019: Fast and Effective Ways to Generate Passive Income Online and Blog for Profit

by Kevon Donnelly

Is blogging profitable? The simple answer to this question is YES! Very profitable. The reason most bloggers fail is because they fail to apply the right strategies. Blogging can be fun and profitable too. You really need to apply the right strategies and become a winner. In this book I will teach you, the various strategies that make blogging not only fun but also profitable. It doesn’t matter what category you belong; work from home, busy people, freelancer etc. Let’s take a glance at some of the benefits you can get from this book: Winning Ways to Optimize Your Blog Step by step blog creation Affiliate Programs Tips for beginners and professional bloggers Contextual advertising usin...

Genre: Computers & Technology, Graphic Design
Size: 102 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 02 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Python GUI: Develop Cross Platform GUI Applications using Python, Qt5 and PyQt5

by Olaf Japp

Are you going to build an app for Windows, Mac OS or Linux or even for Android, iOS using Python or are you just curious what's possible in your programming language of choice then this book is for you. This book covers the full process from installing over coding to deploying apps to the specific platforms using Python, Qt5, PyQt5 and Visual Studio Code.This book covers both the imperative approach using QtWigets and the declarative approach using QtQuick and QML. I will show you how to setup a Linux machine as development and deployment platform and an Android phone as deployment device.All techniques described in this book should also work on the other above mentioned platform. ...

Genre: Computers & Technology, Graphic Design
Size: 85 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 02 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

Rating: 1.00 / 5
1 review

3D Rendering in Windows: How to display three-dimensional objects in Windows with and without OpenGL.

by D. James Benton

This is a how-to guide on rendering three-dimensional objects. The target operating system is Windows, but these same principles and techniques could be used in other contexts. The primary implementation is based on OpenGL, but alternate rendering systems are also presented....

Genre: Computers & Technology, Graphic Design, Software, Web Graphics, Nonfiction, Teen & Young Adult
Size: 161 pages
Free eBook download for Kindle from 02 April 2020 onward PDT/PST 

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